Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Blog site!

Hello Dear Blogger friends! Hope everyone has been well!

There's so much to update but I'm not going to get into the grimy details....

It'll be a New Year, New Start, New Look, New Blog! Yay!
I've started  last year after a wave of ideas for a new Hobby and hopefully develop it into a small business venture in future!

Please do visit my new blogspot and hope the colours and ideas will inspire you with ideas!

Let the creativity flow!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You know some night you sleep like a log and not remember a single thing you dreamt of? ...Then sometimes its so vivid it disturbs you for the rest of the day?

Last night's dream was strange but profound; after I thought about it this afternoon. Ok, it started like this-

Me and "him" were hanging out somewhere and it was turning dark, nothing unusual we'd go somewhere at night few times a week. So we were sitting around somewhere like a Cafe with some friends (faces blurry) but I remember someone like a Waiter suggesting to us if we'd like to take a Tour of a nearby historical Mansion that was going to be torn down soon. It was something like the Bok Mansion and you can imagine after Dark how creepy it looked and lo and behold, we went and as we walked in, it was converted into like one of those upmarket dim-with-tasteful-lighting Fine Dining places like somewhere on Asian Heritage Row!

The waiter/waitresses there all had a certain creepy look about them, eyeing us in a strange way. I don't remember much but at some point I was separated from him, I was alone walking through the Mansion while I thought he went back out to join the group of friends.
Then, came this person who works there and we were talking about stuff (I don't remember a single thing now... )
Then the strangest thing; I told this person I had to go as it was late. I turned towards the glass doors and saw it was all locked up! I said to the person again I need to go and it suggested to me to use another back door! I could see it was pouring like Cats & dogs outside and saw someone (no mistake was him) outside the glass door holding an Umbrella !!

The strangest thing was that without hesitating, I pulled on the latch (it had latchs ???!)  to one of the glass doors, triggering the Alarms and I ran out to him .....

Just how amazing is the sub-conscious Mind ??

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I didn't even know why I bothered - Sunday night, sitting in front of the TV watching 'The Bodyguard'! Was a stupid thing to do. I first watched it when I was probably like 15 or 16; I did remember it was a good movie but with a heart-wrenching ending I really shouldn't have sat there but after 4 or 5 glasses I was glued there watching the whole thing clinging on to a very reluctant Poodle sobbing my eyeballs out! :(  

The movie's irony slapped me hard on my face and young Kevin Costner was a painful reminder. I realized what a precious person I had lost. All the Happy memories flooded back and never ending train of thoughts. It also meant how hard I had been blocking and supressing my emotions for the past few months. I didn't sleep that night.

All in all, 'The Bodyguard' is truly an Epic. Kevin Costner potrays such complicated emotions and his fierce overprotectiveness over Whitney Houston just makes you melt! And Whitney!!! My God, one of my most favourite Singers; I cried so badly when I read the news I wasn't even so devastated when MJ died! :(   Of course, not forgetting the EPIC Soundtrack, 'I Have Nothing' is just the sort of Song that induces tears by the buckets..... 

Over dinner some time back a friend asked me something that my eyeballs almost exploded; "So do you still miss him?"  I honestly was so infuriated by that question, seriously what kind of question is that ???! Come on, 3 years. How can I freaking possibly erase 3 years worth of memories ?!
 I know there is nothing I can do at this stage. I'm pretty sure we are at the right place right now, me here & him there. I mean nothing to him now, thats okay. So I can only pray that he is always Happy, safe and remember me once in awhile and there is someone that will always love him and be there if he ever needs me.

Still, no ones sings it like Whitney!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Car Rants ... and useful tips to Ladies!

Today is the day I almost got fleeced RM 750 for a car repair that costs me only RM 48 !!! :(

I just got my car serviced yesterday at that freaking Workshop near my office. Lesson 1: Not everything convenient is Good. Our guys had probably made megabucks from all my visits... So this morning when I was going to work and the car felt funny. No pick up when accelerating and trembling like an Old Lady. Anyone who drives notices these things; How your car puurrrsss when you accelerate, any weird noises when you're going at 120km/ph etc....

On my way to work, I promised to meet a Dear friend also my "regular" Perfume supplier, Ms. D to pick up my latest collection - Sex & The City EDP !! It's been a pretty crap week after losing Foster kittens so I decided to treat myself! I highly recommend Ms. D to all Perfume freaks  :D  Check out her Facebook Page : PERFUMESENSE   All my friends know I only buy Perfumes from her and of course occasionally my Dear would buy for me at any Duty Free Shop  :-)

I might not remember your name or how you look like but I'll never forget how you smell! ;)

When I saw this Perfume on sale I was like *gasp* "I didn't know SATC has got Perfume !!!" As always, Ms.D is highly experienced and knows whether i will like it or not. She described it as similar to DKNY Red Apple and she's spot on- this scent is light and sweet, fruity with hints of Apples and Rasberries ! Love it !!! Perfect for everyday wear!

So I made it to Ms. D's house which is not far from mine, thank goodness! Checked everything- seems fine, at first I thought it was a flat tyre. Went straight to the Workshop near Office and told the guy to take it for a drive. He came back and reported smilingly that it could be the engine coil had gone kaput so he quoted RM 750 to replace a pair of coils and spark plugs. Luckily I didn't have any money and drove back to Office thinking if I should maxx out my Credit card...

Ladies, I would like to share this tip to you. If you think you'll be fine walking into any Car Workshop and expect not to be chopped up nice and thin by a Mechanic then you're really too naive. What you can do:

1) Surround yourself with Guy friends who know more or less about Car repairs/ troubleshooting...

2) Don't ever tell your Mechanic "I don't know about cars "

3) If you ever have to leave your car in any unfamiliar workshop for emergency repairs - Stand there, watch with a Hawk's eye what they are doing/ what the mechanic is taking out so you see for yourself how bad the part is, don't go to the next door Coffee Shop, and don't be shy to ask the Mechanic stuff!

4) Something is definately on it's way out if you start hearing a sharp whizzing sound when you start your engine... Do get your car checked...

5) or you could always send your car to Mr. Chong! Reasonable and Honest ! :D ;-)

So happened I planned to pick up the Free Transformers Movie tickets from Tropicana Mall given to me by my Dad! Still, tickets were almost sold out for the late night Show so I bought some buns and left.... Drove off in my jerky car and couldn't turn the air-con on as the jerking got worse! By chance, I was passing Damansara Uptown and car was jerking badly, just as I turned into Uptown true enough, car broke down! Arghh! Luckily I could troubleshoot by myself while waving my apologies profusely and frantically to the lorry stuck behind me! Managed to reach Dad's regular Mechanic (Mr. Chong) in one piece !!

I told him what the other Mechanic said and he opened up my engine and took a chance - pulled out my coil and it was FINE ! Then he went deeper and pulled out the spark plug - burnt. In the end he only charged me for 4 plugs for RM 48 ! He also taught me that for spark plugs you have to keep track to change it at every 15, 000 km! He's awesome !!! :)  I wanted to Hug him and do a little dance in the Workshop!

So many things I wanna write about but haven't gotten round it... Foster kitten updates, recent fiascos with the BERSIH Rallies, rants, rants, rants... Sigh! It'll all have to wait, tonight it's just me & Mr. Marvin Gaye.... Still, I'm keeping to my positive Happy thoughts stance! Good things will come ! :)

Goodnight, World !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Prayer tonight...

Dear Heavenly Father,

If for just one night, I pray for all the homeless animals out there on the streets with no where to go; May You give them a safe & warm place to rest their little heads, far away from Human's unkindness, free from Fear and the need to flee from danger.... Take away all their pain from injury or disease, take away their fatigue from the constant walking....

May there be no hungry stomachs tonight - if even for just one night... I pray that somehow, someone, will happen to have and offer something to eat, to a little Furry one...

I pray more than anything for people's heart to open up and take in a loving, furry little one from the streets or from any Shelters and bring them into a loving, permanent Home... Give the Furry ones a chance to know what is it like to be loved, respected and pampered...

...and may You also Bless the kind hearts of the Rescuers who work tirelessly saving and rehoming the homeless ones. May they be blessed with patience, strength to carry on when times are tough and good fortune to find Good Homes for the animals in their care... Let the wicked ones be punished justly for all the injustice and suffering inflicted to our Furry friends...

Our special Prayers to the little Dear ones that did not make it - Topsy, Turvy, Sneakers, Baby, and Little One ... There will always be a special place in our hearts for you... Amen!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Star-studded Life of Poodley, the Miracle Poodle!

Our Poodley Oodley Noodley got featured in Marie Claire, July issue !! Yay !!!

Out now & apparently 'Sold Out' in most newsstands - the July issue of Marie Claire mag!

The Poods hanging out with Amber Chia for Spotlite Mag Photoshoot!

The full (original) story submitted to MC :

Someone once asked me if I liked Poodles and I apparently sniggered at the thought and remarked, “You call those Dogs? Yappy and Ditzy little things!”. How wrong I was, until fate brought a little Apricot Poodle into my life and how it gave its heart to me…
We met one afternoon in August 2008 but under unusual circumstances; her life was hanging on the line and our Team was called out to rescue her.

The SPCA Inspectors received an SOS call one afternoon from a Good Samaritan reporting that an abandoned Poodle was trapped and almost strangled. Being a fresh PR Officer then, I was called along to the scene to assist the Inspectors. When we arrived, we had initially feared for the worst… The little dog was tangled up in its own leash with its back leg trapped in her collar! It was motionless and we had to act fast. Our Inspector had to snip off the leashes from outside of the fence. According to the Property Owner, the little Poodle belonged to the couple who was renting the house and they have recently broken up and the Poodle was bought as a gift to the girl and obviously the “Gift” had turned into a burden.

After consent from the Property’s owner, we brought her back with us to our Office to be nursed back to health. Her back leg was bleeding raw and she had loss all the hair on back leg from trying to free herself from the tangle. Although slightly frail from her ordeal, this amazing Poodle responded well to treatment. All of us in the Office took turns to look after her and she charmed all of us with her outgoing and sweet nature.

At first I thought it was rather strange why she particularly preferred sleeping and hanging out under my desk. It got rather worrying when she developed separation anxiety (which was common in abandonment cases) where she would wail and get frantic when left alone especially if I stepped out from the office even for awhile. While it was so obvious to my colleagues, I still didn’t realize that this Poodle has picked its new Owner.

At that time I wasn’t ready for a second dog as I felt I would be betraying my existing dog; I would be two timing her! It wasn’t until I went away for a trip, came back and found out she was being put up for adoption did I start to panic! I immediately rushed to find her amidst all the cages and when she saw me the howls that erupted – I knew this little one and I were destined to be together. She adopted me and we named her Poodley.

We have been together 3 years now and to say she has brought me so much joy is rather putting it mildly. Her antics would often leave us in stitches and her ever friendly personality won her many friends and put countless smiles on everyone who’ve met her!

In 2009, we overcame a major obstacle together. One day after a trip from the Groomers she started yelping in pain constantly. After countless test done by patient Vets at Gasing Veterinary Hospital it was confirmed Poodley had a slipped disc and MRI images showed her disc had ruptured. My heart broke and had few difficult decisions to make. Poodley was to be scheduled for a high risk surgery and was put on painkillers for 2 weeks to get her by which I had to be awake around the clock to monitor her. It was the most heart wrenching time in my life, this Poodle has suffered enough! I promised to do anything, everything to get her better.

It must be fate; it so happened a good friend recommended me to Animal Communication friends who tried a Healing method called ‘Quantum Touch’ – renowned for miraculous rapid healing in bones! I decided to give it a try and brought Poodley to meet the Healer who channeled positive energy into her. Bizarrely enough, Poodley was due for her pain killer at that time but she did not need it! She was sound asleep while all of us watched in astonishment.

Till this day, Vets are unable to explain the Miracle that took place even after looking at the MRI. Poodley was off pain killers 2 days after the session and it’s been 2 years ever since. The whole experience has taught me how close the bond between human and animals can be. Animals are especially sensitive to energies and to our emotions; you would be surprised how negativity can actually affect your Pets!
I chuckle everytime someone says “Oh, I chose this dog ...” but for those who really know, it is really the Dog that chooses the Owner!

Poodley - Before
Even after all this time, it's still painful to look at these photos.
Note to those who barely have time for themselves - Don't get a Pet if you're not prepared to sacrifice!

Poodley - Now....
Thank you for all the Happiness you give me everyday, Poodley! Mama loves! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Fosters- Incomings & Outgoings...

LIFE tries to tell us things through strange incidents and metaphors...

My brother was in a relationship rut and the girl involved happens to like cats. Let's say things did not go too well and while out jogging happened to stumble upon a bunch of kittens all scattered and scrambling by the roadside! Frantic he flagged down two joggers and rounded all the kittens - 8 of them altogether; 2 luckily were adopted on the spot by the 2 joggers...

I went to pick them up after work, dodging dirty, disapproving looks by my Mother, peering curiously from the gate at the Meowing Box. I drove off with the boxful of kittens without putting something heavy on top of the Box and you can imagine what happened next - All 6 kittens clambered out! They were everywhere; under the seat, at the back, front! Arrgghh!!!! THE SMELL !!! Not good. Our fellas had been dumped near a bin or in a dumpster so they all smelt pretty damn awful! I was still speeding when I heard crunching noise, turned and saw one of the kittens had fished out a pack of my "Emergency" Dog kibbles I kept in the pockets behind my seat! They were so famished, the packet was ripped open and all 6 wolfing down the food!

New arrivals - closer inspection and it was obvious that they were not of the same litter; all different sizes and health conditions... They were likely rounded up from an area then dumped...

I was particularly worried for the white one as she was listless and slept in the corner...
More food for the famished bunch ... :( I just felt so sad !

The next day they were all brought in to the Shelter and I gave all of them a good bath with Friskies Cat Shampoo with the help of a Volunteer, Jade! After countless scratches - all 6 sparkling new!

Still, there were other problems. I had to decide what to do with them as I could never manage fostering ALL of them at one go. Their Health condition was also risky as all of them had diarrhea; not just normal diarrhea, it was FUNKY diarrhea. The type that makes people nauseous and weep. The same smell that leaks out from Garbage trucks!!!

Luckily, my Dear friends L & E offered to take 2 each from me. The tortoise-shell & a black/white one went to L and the two tiny black/white went to E now known as 'Topsy' & 'Turvy' ... Despite both having diarrhea still, are eating well.

The 'Gang' after a nice bath! Drying themselves on a fluffy towel....

I'm left with two - the white.Siamese mix and the pure black one. White one was so weak I had feared for the worst. Luckily after 3 anti-biotic jab both are doing very well. They are also extremely clever - learnt how to use the toilet tray on the second day! I was so proud of them!! :)

It's so frightening to think what would've happened had my brother not found them! How heartless and irresponsible- dumping animals to another area will never solve the problem! My brother laments how sad he was losing his 'Meow' but saved 8 tiny meows that day! Life has a way of teaching us some things are worth losing while some lives are worth saving !!!