Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You know some night you sleep like a log and not remember a single thing you dreamt of? ...Then sometimes its so vivid it disturbs you for the rest of the day?

Last night's dream was strange but profound; after I thought about it this afternoon. Ok, it started like this-

Me and "him" were hanging out somewhere and it was turning dark, nothing unusual we'd go somewhere at night few times a week. So we were sitting around somewhere like a Cafe with some friends (faces blurry) but I remember someone like a Waiter suggesting to us if we'd like to take a Tour of a nearby historical Mansion that was going to be torn down soon. It was something like the Bok Mansion and you can imagine after Dark how creepy it looked and lo and behold, we went and as we walked in, it was converted into like one of those upmarket dim-with-tasteful-lighting Fine Dining places like somewhere on Asian Heritage Row!

The waiter/waitresses there all had a certain creepy look about them, eyeing us in a strange way. I don't remember much but at some point I was separated from him, I was alone walking through the Mansion while I thought he went back out to join the group of friends.
Then, came this person who works there and we were talking about stuff (I don't remember a single thing now... )
Then the strangest thing; I told this person I had to go as it was late. I turned towards the glass doors and saw it was all locked up! I said to the person again I need to go and it suggested to me to use another back door! I could see it was pouring like Cats & dogs outside and saw someone (no mistake was him) outside the glass door holding an Umbrella !!

The strangest thing was that without hesitating, I pulled on the latch (it had latchs ???!)  to one of the glass doors, triggering the Alarms and I ran out to him .....

Just how amazing is the sub-conscious Mind ??

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