Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I didn't even know why I bothered - Sunday night, sitting in front of the TV watching 'The Bodyguard'! Was a stupid thing to do. I first watched it when I was probably like 15 or 16; I did remember it was a good movie but with a heart-wrenching ending I really shouldn't have sat there but after 4 or 5 glasses I was glued there watching the whole thing clinging on to a very reluctant Poodle sobbing my eyeballs out! :(  

The movie's irony slapped me hard on my face and young Kevin Costner was a painful reminder. I realized what a precious person I had lost. All the Happy memories flooded back and never ending train of thoughts. It also meant how hard I had been blocking and supressing my emotions for the past few months. I didn't sleep that night.

All in all, 'The Bodyguard' is truly an Epic. Kevin Costner potrays such complicated emotions and his fierce overprotectiveness over Whitney Houston just makes you melt! And Whitney!!! My God, one of my most favourite Singers; I cried so badly when I read the news I wasn't even so devastated when MJ died! :(   Of course, not forgetting the EPIC Soundtrack, 'I Have Nothing' is just the sort of Song that induces tears by the buckets..... 

Over dinner some time back a friend asked me something that my eyeballs almost exploded; "So do you still miss him?"  I honestly was so infuriated by that question, seriously what kind of question is that ???! Come on, 3 years. How can I freaking possibly erase 3 years worth of memories ?!
 I know there is nothing I can do at this stage. I'm pretty sure we are at the right place right now, me here & him there. I mean nothing to him now, thats okay. So I can only pray that he is always Happy, safe and remember me once in awhile and there is someone that will always love him and be there if he ever needs me.

Still, no ones sings it like Whitney!

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