Friday, July 15, 2011

Car Rants ... and useful tips to Ladies!

Today is the day I almost got fleeced RM 750 for a car repair that costs me only RM 48 !!! :(

I just got my car serviced yesterday at that freaking Workshop near my office. Lesson 1: Not everything convenient is Good. Our guys had probably made megabucks from all my visits... So this morning when I was going to work and the car felt funny. No pick up when accelerating and trembling like an Old Lady. Anyone who drives notices these things; How your car puurrrsss when you accelerate, any weird noises when you're going at 120km/ph etc....

On my way to work, I promised to meet a Dear friend also my "regular" Perfume supplier, Ms. D to pick up my latest collection - Sex & The City EDP !! It's been a pretty crap week after losing Foster kittens so I decided to treat myself! I highly recommend Ms. D to all Perfume freaks  :D  Check out her Facebook Page : PERFUMESENSE   All my friends know I only buy Perfumes from her and of course occasionally my Dear would buy for me at any Duty Free Shop  :-)

I might not remember your name or how you look like but I'll never forget how you smell! ;)

When I saw this Perfume on sale I was like *gasp* "I didn't know SATC has got Perfume !!!" As always, Ms.D is highly experienced and knows whether i will like it or not. She described it as similar to DKNY Red Apple and she's spot on- this scent is light and sweet, fruity with hints of Apples and Rasberries ! Love it !!! Perfect for everyday wear!

So I made it to Ms. D's house which is not far from mine, thank goodness! Checked everything- seems fine, at first I thought it was a flat tyre. Went straight to the Workshop near Office and told the guy to take it for a drive. He came back and reported smilingly that it could be the engine coil had gone kaput so he quoted RM 750 to replace a pair of coils and spark plugs. Luckily I didn't have any money and drove back to Office thinking if I should maxx out my Credit card...

Ladies, I would like to share this tip to you. If you think you'll be fine walking into any Car Workshop and expect not to be chopped up nice and thin by a Mechanic then you're really too naive. What you can do:

1) Surround yourself with Guy friends who know more or less about Car repairs/ troubleshooting...

2) Don't ever tell your Mechanic "I don't know about cars "

3) If you ever have to leave your car in any unfamiliar workshop for emergency repairs - Stand there, watch with a Hawk's eye what they are doing/ what the mechanic is taking out so you see for yourself how bad the part is, don't go to the next door Coffee Shop, and don't be shy to ask the Mechanic stuff!

4) Something is definately on it's way out if you start hearing a sharp whizzing sound when you start your engine... Do get your car checked...

5) or you could always send your car to Mr. Chong! Reasonable and Honest ! :D ;-)

So happened I planned to pick up the Free Transformers Movie tickets from Tropicana Mall given to me by my Dad! Still, tickets were almost sold out for the late night Show so I bought some buns and left.... Drove off in my jerky car and couldn't turn the air-con on as the jerking got worse! By chance, I was passing Damansara Uptown and car was jerking badly, just as I turned into Uptown true enough, car broke down! Arghh! Luckily I could troubleshoot by myself while waving my apologies profusely and frantically to the lorry stuck behind me! Managed to reach Dad's regular Mechanic (Mr. Chong) in one piece !!

I told him what the other Mechanic said and he opened up my engine and took a chance - pulled out my coil and it was FINE ! Then he went deeper and pulled out the spark plug - burnt. In the end he only charged me for 4 plugs for RM 48 ! He also taught me that for spark plugs you have to keep track to change it at every 15, 000 km! He's awesome !!! :)  I wanted to Hug him and do a little dance in the Workshop!

So many things I wanna write about but haven't gotten round it... Foster kitten updates, recent fiascos with the BERSIH Rallies, rants, rants, rants... Sigh! It'll all have to wait, tonight it's just me & Mr. Marvin Gaye.... Still, I'm keeping to my positive Happy thoughts stance! Good things will come ! :)

Goodnight, World !

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~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

So glad it cost you only RM48! When you called me and told me RM750, my jaw and heart went PLOP! Yes, Soldier Man taught me all about watching mechanics at work with an eagle eye. Also, I picked up this book from our Jumble, called "The Greaseless Guide to Car Ownership" and it is written by a woman to teach laypersons all the different parts, how to diagnose strange sounds, how to troubleshoot, how things work, how much can you expect a repair to cost (estimate) and how to do basic maintenance and repair yourself! It's really good! I should bring the book over the next time we meet!