Friday, July 1, 2011

The Star-studded Life of Poodley, the Miracle Poodle!

Our Poodley Oodley Noodley got featured in Marie Claire, July issue !! Yay !!!

Out now & apparently 'Sold Out' in most newsstands - the July issue of Marie Claire mag!

The Poods hanging out with Amber Chia for Spotlite Mag Photoshoot!

The full (original) story submitted to MC :

Someone once asked me if I liked Poodles and I apparently sniggered at the thought and remarked, “You call those Dogs? Yappy and Ditzy little things!”. How wrong I was, until fate brought a little Apricot Poodle into my life and how it gave its heart to me…
We met one afternoon in August 2008 but under unusual circumstances; her life was hanging on the line and our Team was called out to rescue her.

The SPCA Inspectors received an SOS call one afternoon from a Good Samaritan reporting that an abandoned Poodle was trapped and almost strangled. Being a fresh PR Officer then, I was called along to the scene to assist the Inspectors. When we arrived, we had initially feared for the worst… The little dog was tangled up in its own leash with its back leg trapped in her collar! It was motionless and we had to act fast. Our Inspector had to snip off the leashes from outside of the fence. According to the Property Owner, the little Poodle belonged to the couple who was renting the house and they have recently broken up and the Poodle was bought as a gift to the girl and obviously the “Gift” had turned into a burden.

After consent from the Property’s owner, we brought her back with us to our Office to be nursed back to health. Her back leg was bleeding raw and she had loss all the hair on back leg from trying to free herself from the tangle. Although slightly frail from her ordeal, this amazing Poodle responded well to treatment. All of us in the Office took turns to look after her and she charmed all of us with her outgoing and sweet nature.

At first I thought it was rather strange why she particularly preferred sleeping and hanging out under my desk. It got rather worrying when she developed separation anxiety (which was common in abandonment cases) where she would wail and get frantic when left alone especially if I stepped out from the office even for awhile. While it was so obvious to my colleagues, I still didn’t realize that this Poodle has picked its new Owner.

At that time I wasn’t ready for a second dog as I felt I would be betraying my existing dog; I would be two timing her! It wasn’t until I went away for a trip, came back and found out she was being put up for adoption did I start to panic! I immediately rushed to find her amidst all the cages and when she saw me the howls that erupted – I knew this little one and I were destined to be together. She adopted me and we named her Poodley.

We have been together 3 years now and to say she has brought me so much joy is rather putting it mildly. Her antics would often leave us in stitches and her ever friendly personality won her many friends and put countless smiles on everyone who’ve met her!

In 2009, we overcame a major obstacle together. One day after a trip from the Groomers she started yelping in pain constantly. After countless test done by patient Vets at Gasing Veterinary Hospital it was confirmed Poodley had a slipped disc and MRI images showed her disc had ruptured. My heart broke and had few difficult decisions to make. Poodley was to be scheduled for a high risk surgery and was put on painkillers for 2 weeks to get her by which I had to be awake around the clock to monitor her. It was the most heart wrenching time in my life, this Poodle has suffered enough! I promised to do anything, everything to get her better.

It must be fate; it so happened a good friend recommended me to Animal Communication friends who tried a Healing method called ‘Quantum Touch’ – renowned for miraculous rapid healing in bones! I decided to give it a try and brought Poodley to meet the Healer who channeled positive energy into her. Bizarrely enough, Poodley was due for her pain killer at that time but she did not need it! She was sound asleep while all of us watched in astonishment.

Till this day, Vets are unable to explain the Miracle that took place even after looking at the MRI. Poodley was off pain killers 2 days after the session and it’s been 2 years ever since. The whole experience has taught me how close the bond between human and animals can be. Animals are especially sensitive to energies and to our emotions; you would be surprised how negativity can actually affect your Pets!
I chuckle everytime someone says “Oh, I chose this dog ...” but for those who really know, it is really the Dog that chooses the Owner!

Poodley - Before
Even after all this time, it's still painful to look at these photos.
Note to those who barely have time for themselves - Don't get a Pet if you're not prepared to sacrifice!

Poodley - Now....
Thank you for all the Happiness you give me everyday, Poodley! Mama loves! :)


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

My poor little Poodley! She went through so much pain and trauma! But she is such a happy little trooper now! And spoilt, too! I had a great time reading my copy of Marie Claire in bed last Sat night, with a big bag of banana chips for company!

Nicole Tai said...

I'm unashamed to say she's the love of my life! :) Such a horribly cheeky, naughty dog at times but so lovable!! Good things comes in small packages! :D