Friday, June 24, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

I have so much to update for the past one month I have no idea where to start !! :)

Much have happened since the last update- Let's see... We were at the Pet World Expo at Mid Valley on 3rd - 5th June and despite the whole chaotic madness coordinating with everyone to get the Press Conference together  for the StopAnimalAbuse Petition and it turned out pretty awesome! So honoured to have Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Miss Malaysia/World 2009 Thanuja, Celebrity Dance/Judge Maple Loo, Actress Angeline Tan and the ever sweet & lovely Jojo Struys who took the time & trouble to drop by to sign our Petition and to say Hi to the Team! We love you Jojo!!!

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye Officiating the Petition....

My Dearest Thanuja who sacrificed her lunch time to join us despite her busy schedule that day! Love you Thanuja!!!

Our VVIPs for the day....

My little Baby- yet to find a Home... Anyone out there willing to give this cheeky kitten a Loving, permanent Home?? 

We love Angeline !! SO sweet & down-to-earth!!

One reason why you shouldn't miss Pet World Expo !!!

Dear Guests, I hope you can spare a minute of your time to sign our online Petition at - . It's really high time for the Malaysian Government to actually put into action and enforce proper legislation and show more concern to the plight of animals! We need 50,000 signatures and currently have 13, 614 signatures! Dear friends, please help us spread the Word to your friends, family !!

Local Animal Welfare NGOs had a fruitful meeting with the Ministry of Housing & Development on Monday, we are a step closer, so let's not lose the fire ! WE NEED  tougher legislations, stricter enforcement and active prosecutions. Together, we can make a difference!!


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Spreading the word about the petition, Nic! Sigh! Should have brought a hard copy to the AfA -- would have gotten so many signatures just like that! It's okay, let's give it a shot through online networks! Good job at the Expo!

Nicole Tai said...

Heya Mate! My Bad, I completely forgot to pack SPCA stuff to bring with you to AFA! :(

Thanks for dropping by at the Pet Expo that night! Really appreciated the company & help during closing! What a day ! Just glad the Press Conference went well! Wished I had the time to take a photo with Thanuja! SO harassed for time! Hope more ppl sign the Petition !!! Let's show some LOVE people !!!! :)